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And why I love it.

I’m Ross Galtress

Architect by Bike

The Observatory

Rotating Artist Studio Roaming the South Coast

Pea Soup House

Discussing London’s Air Quality over a Cup of Soup

Jodrell Bank

Education and Research Buildings at UNESCO World Heritage Site

Planet Cafe Canopy

Eat Beneath the Stars and the 250ft Lovell Telescope

Sugar House Island

Flexible Offices on Historic Island Site

I love my work.  I love telling stories through thoughtful design, taking people on a journey, discovering new places, creating things, making ideas come to life.  Building homes and enriching communities.  This is what’s important to me.

Stories provide our bearing in the world, our relationship to the people and place around us, so good storytelling is fundamental to the design of our built environment.

As a designer, it’s my job to pick threads from a project’s context and weave them into a cohesive and compelling story.  A story that feeds and directs the design process.  A story that tethers the design, and enriches it with context, character and meaning.

A story that draws people in.

Colleagues, collaborators, consultants and contractors. Family, friends and food.  Building is a communal affair, and it’s always richer with the contribution of differing points of view, experiences and passions.  Building is about making the world better for the community around us.

It’s more than a day’s work.  Iteration is integral, and I relish the process.  The constant evolution of an idea, the making, shaping, testing and building, the mess and refinement.  The reward of unlocking a site, developing a design, and bringing a team together to create something amazing.  It can be a long journey, but it’s always a fun one.


I’m an architect based in London and Winchester.

I started my career at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and I’m currently an associate with OB Architecture.  I’ve wide experience in the residential, cultural and office sectors, with an emphasis on front end design, and an excellent track record securing planning for complicated schemes.  I enjoy detail and texture, drawing, making, cooking and cycling, ideally to a good pub.

I’m always keen to hear about new projects, sites and challenges, so please get in touch if you have something you think we should work together on.

Architect by Bike

Architect by Bike is a catchall for my side projects and surplus energy, private extensions, renovations and home office conversions.  Set up during the pandemic, the projects are local by necessity, but that suits me perfectly.  If I can cycle to a site I’m happy.  If we can source the materials for that project within a day’s ride I’m even happier.  Local.  Sustainable.

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