Plymouth BA


Colin Campbell Court Market

A large, run down courtyard in the west end of Plymouth’s city centre, these proposals intend to instigate the regeneration of the area by providing space for a community led food market to replace the failing arcades on Market Avenue.



In the centre of the courtyard is a 1930′s art deco building which was originally designed as a car showroom. With the removal of Sutherland Place it was sealed off from the city plan and has remained largely unused since the 1960′s. The project focuses around the re-use of this building as a cookery school, restaurants, cafes and an exhibition space, with an emphasis on these outlets and the market developing symbiotically. The market stands are modular and easily assembled and are intended to be used by sellers of fresh produce and prepared food alike. Similar to Exmouth Market all of the resident restaurants and cafes will be granted a stand to promote trade and activity within the market. The ground floor of the art deco building will be stripped out and the listed facade above restored, providing a public frontage for the market whilst allowing free access below it. Behind the building a large canopy will extend over a sub section of the courtyard to provide a covered area roughly a third of the size of Borough Market.

It is hoped that the project will drive the regeneration of the west end of Plymouth, a fiercely independent quarter that has lost out in recent years to the larger commercial developments to the east of the city centre.