Greenwich Diploma



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This paper is intended as a critique of the interface as the narrative format of the 21st century and of its relevance to the architectural profession. It will examine the interface as the imminent projection of our cultural narrative arc using theory on new media by Lev Manovich and Aaron Koblin. Further, it speculates on the development of technologies that will allow those interfaces to become both fully interactive and fully immersive, thus creating spatial environments that bring interface design within the remit of architecture, or vice versa. The creation of a new field: Interface Architecture.

Considered in conjunction with Preston Scott Cohen’s theory on the use of cinema as an architectural paradigm, the paper examines whether the interface will, in a similar manner, provide typologies for future architectures. It also questions whether the narrative structures of the interface stand to benefit from spatial parameters explored in architecture but not yet realised in literature or cinema. Ultimately, the paper seeks simply to engender discussion about the convergence of architecture and the interface, its design and who should be responsible for that design.