Greenwich Diploma


The Silvertown Entanglement

The final project of my second year of diploma: a short film that examines the instability of fully immersive and interactive virtual environments.

The film explores a fictional research facility located at Minoco Wharf, a site that was raised by a huge explosion in 1918 and has laid vacant for the past decade. The facility was set up to study particles entangled during the explosion that are analogous of the entangled virtual and physical realities we currently occupy. The Silvertown Entanglement showcases a space that belies its virtual nature, questioning the way in which we will occupy virtual networks in the future and how they will change the way we use physical architecture.


The project developed from a study of the DLR when mapped at speeds approaching that of light using Minkowsky maps. The two films below are from that study, they are seamless one minute loops designed to be played concurrently and demonstrate, the repetitive, timeless nature of the DLR whilst offering an internal and external point of view of a train approaching light speed.