Greenwich Diploma


The Corporation Library

The principal project of my first year of diploma. A 3,020 square metre educational facility set in the near future, at a time when the the Corportation of London has been recognised as an independent state from the UK.


The project focuses on the site’s location on the edge of the Corporation of London. It aims to emphasise the duality of the city at present and the severe contrasts it creates in the fringe areas between The City and Tower Hamlets. The library itself contains the Corporation’s history, re-housed from its current location in the Guildhall Library and the building’s additional facilities are provided to educate those looking to gain right of passage into The City.


The project was presented as four technical documents that covered the preface, the practice management aspects of the project (procurement methods, cost management, risk management, planning, local development frameworks, boundary issues and listed building consent), the city and landscape context (urban development, historical and political context, precedents, protected sight lines and conservation areas, local demographics and solar studies) and design and detail. The films below are from the early stages of the project and form a visual study of the urban context and site location as well as re-emphasising the duality of the city in this area.