Work Club

UK – £35K – RIBA Stages: A-K

Freelance design and project management work for a rapidly expanding digital marketing agency located in a London Bridge warehouse.


In July 2012 I was approached to help with the design of the office as it expanded into the neighbouring warehouse, increasing the floorspace from 360 to 480 square metres. The work involved liaising with a structural engineer to remove three sections of the internal wall separating the two spaces as well as a bid for the re-design of the whole office. The additional space proved sufficient as was and the fit-out was put on hold, however in August 2013 following another year of substantial growth I was asked to draw up and project manage the internal re-arrangement of the office to better utilise the available space. This included lighting design for the space opened up the previous year, re-arrangement of the office furniture to a more rational plan, and the installation of the associated data and power points and new ceiling fans. Both phases of the work were completed with short lead times over a couple of weekends, allowing the agency to continue to grow in its current location with minimal disruption to its day to day operation.